Winbond W83757F

The Winbond W83757F is the main chipset (and I hope the whole name) of a ISA 16-bit I/O card. It features an IDE channel (a HDC), a Floppy controller (FDC), a parallel port (LPT), a game port, and two RS-232 serial lines (COM) driven by two 16450 UARTS.

The parallel port can be 0x378 or 0x278, and the serial ports can be 0x3F8 and 0x3E8 for the first (COM1 and COM3), and 0x2F8 and 0x2E8 for the second (COM2 and COM4 respectively).

I don't know too much about the FDC configuration, and there are so much jumpers in the board which I don't know what are them for.

You can get a scanned version of it at 200dpi: IMAGE.

Jumper Configuration

Jumper Position Description
1-2 2-3
JP7 Disabled Enabled Serial COM1/0x3F8
JP8 Disabled Enabled Serial COM3/0x3E8
JP9 Disabled Enabled Serial COM2/0x2F8
JP10 Disabled Enabled Serial COM4/0x2E8
JP11 Disabled Enabled Parallel LPT1/378
JP12 Disabled Enabled Parallel LPT2/278
JP14 Disabled Enabled Floppy Controller 1
JP15 Primary Secondary IDE HDC channel
JP16 Disabled Enabled IDE HDC
JP17 Disabled Enabled Floppy Controller 2

The two floppy Controller jumpers must be in Enabled position if I want the FDC enabled in my test.

The rest of the jumper swtiches (JP2, JP13, JP18[1-8]) are of unknown use. I personally have JP2 and JP13 closed, and JP18 COOCOOCO from 1 to 8.

The serial connectors are JP4 and J1, which are ASYNC1 and ASYNC2 respectively. If you enable COM1 and COM3 at same time, you get COM1. Same for COM2 and COM4. COM1 and 3 use IRQ 4, and COM2 and 4 use IRQ 3.

You can get the parallel port 0x3BC (LPT0) if you enable JP11 and JP12. That's usually the parallel port provided by an Hercules Graphics card.

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