The UMC UM82C86 is the name I've given to this ISA 16-bit I/O card. It has two chipsets: UM82C863F and UM82C865F. There is another name in the silk: TK-82C863/865-2J-D01. It features an IDE channel (a HDC), a Floppy controller (FDC), a parallel port (LPT), a game port, and two RS-232 serial lines (COM) driven by two 16450 UARTS.

The parallel port can be 0x378 or 0x278, and the serial ports can be 0x3F8 and 0x3E8 for the first (COM1 and COM3), and 0x2F8 and 0x2E8 for the second (COM2 and COM4 respectively).

You can get a scanned version of it at 200dpi: IMAGE.

Jumper Configuration

Jumper Position Description
1-2 2-3
JP1 COM2 COM4 Serial port 2 switch
JP2 Enabled Disabled Serial port 2
JP3 Enabled Disabled Game port
JP4 COM1 COM3 Serial port 1 switch
JP5 LPT1 LPT2 Parallel port switch
JP6 Enabled Disabled Serial port 1
JP7 Enabled Disabled Floppy Controller
JP8 Exist Not Exist Other HDC
JP9 Enabled Disabled IDE HDC
JP10 Enabled Disabled Parallel port


Jumper Description

Extra information

COM1 and 3 use IRQ 4, and COM2 and 4 use IRQ 3.

Odilo says that the back of his card says LPT2/LPT3 and not LPT1/LPT2 as I tried.

If this IO Card is the only HDC in your computer, then the switch JP8 must be at NOT EXIST.


Thanks to Odilo Durchschlag, who mailed me the configuration instructions that appeared in a IO Card he owns (with this chipset).

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