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This is a website that holds information about some old computers (the ones I own), old devices, and old software. Most of the resources you can find here are specially related with me (who is building this site).

Most of the information you can find here is difficult to find over all the net, and my own interests pushed me to write and publish whatever I could. I'd like to have this as a personal old computer stuff inventory, and for anyone who needs the information.

I tried to make the site clear. By now, it's all done following HTML 3.2, and there are no server side scripts. It only has some javascript for the webring this site is in, and perhaps some javascript from the free server this web may be in. All the html pages you can find here are HTML compliant (tested). About websites, I believe in the 3 clue words: content, content, and content. That's the main target of these documents.

Old Computers

Old computers stuff.


My owns

General computer resources

Only one section by now.


That's my small contribution.


Only one section by now.


By now only a list of my comics.

Web Site Building


I'm not English-native, then this whole website may have some lexical, grammatical or syntactical errors. I would be pleased if I receive any note about that; I'll try to correct it as soon as possible, and it will help me improving my English.

File types

All of the files in this web site exist as MIME types. Some servers doesn't allow the downloading of files that aren't MIME classified (.bat, .log, ...).

File parts

Due to limitations in the free servers that host this site, some of the files have been splitted into different parts. For example, imagine you have the file compres.zip in 4 parts: compres_1.zip, compres_2.zip, compres_3.zip, compres_4.zip. Then, you have to merge all the files into one. You can use a command like that in DOS:

copy compres_1.zip /b + compres_2.zip /b + compres_3.zip /b + compres_4.zip /b compres.zip

Under UNIX-like systems, you can use the following command under a SH shell:

cat compres_1.zip compres_2.zip compres_3.zip compres_4.zip > compres.zip

Site Dates

All dates, unless clearly specified, conform to DD/MM/YYYY or DD/MM/YY format.

That's me

I'm this website master, so you can contact me using the e-mail at the bottom of this page. Anyway, you can contact me through:

Anyone may want to contact me 'privately'. Here you can download my PGP public key: PGP key

Last updates

TO DO list

  1. Make links in 'updates'
  2. Make a schematic Site Map
  3. Write a disclaimer
  4. Add file sizes next to download links
  5. Add more utilities like Disk Checkers, Drivers, ...
  6. Improve the comics list
  7. Add a picture of me

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